Food Justice: Economics, Ethics, Access

Food Justice: Economics, Ethics, Access

First Aired: 5/15/2017

Length: 84 minutes

Dolores Huerta and others on access to healthy food.
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Veteran labor activist Dolores Huerta joins food journalist Rose Hayden-Smith and others for an animated discussion on why food insecurity still exists in many communities and what is being done to increase access to healthy, organic food. Farmers, healthcare providers and urban planners bring their insights to this conversation as they share stories of connecting people with the food they need to thrive. This program is the fifth in a Future Thought Leaders series on food sustainability presented by the Berry Good Food Foundation. Convened by BGFF Founder Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach, speakers include Daron Farmer D Joffe of Coastal Roots Farm, Dave Murphy of Food Democracy Now!, Paul Watson of the Global Action Research Center, Fernando Saņudo of the Vista Community Clinic and Jillian Barber of Sharp HealthCare.
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